Anyday Rośe Canned Cider Blend

Anyday Rose

Summer Sippin’ season is here and we at Foodie and Wine are kicking it off with a bang. From grilled grub to backyard bonfires we are game for anything summer-related. Every June we pick a new adult beverage to carry us through the season. It becomes our go-to drink from June to late September when the days are hot and the outdoor activities are plentiful. This year we’ve declared Anyday Rośe as our go-to drink of the summer.

Anyday Rośe checks all the boxes required to land the coveted spot: light, refreshing, easy on the palate and drinkable. It’s a nice change up from basic cider drinks as Anyday Rośe is 85 percent crisp cider and 15 percent rosé wine with hops. Think all the flavor of a cider without the over abundance of sweetness. It also clocks in at 6.9% ABV which is considerable higher than standard cider. Plus, hailing from California, we love the fact Anyday Rośe is crafted in Paso Robles, the heart of the central coast wine region.

Appeasing trendsetters everywhere, Anyday Rośe capitalizes on the resurgence of rośe and the inventive wine-in-a-can trend hitting the country. Rośe has had a major revival the past few years while economic and environmental concerns have driven the wine-in-a-can surge. Since Anyday Rośe comes in convenient 375 milliliter cans, it’s the perfect complement to your summer picnic.

Least we forget, Anyday Rośe can be purchased online using Venmo! According to the Anyday Rośe PR release, this is the first wine brand on the market to accept transactions using the social payments platform. A brand making your favorite adult beverages easier to purchase? Now that, we can get behind.

For more information on Anyday Rośe or to purchase, you can visit their website.

**We were not compensated for this review. We were, however, provided with samples of Anyday Rośe to create this write up.


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