How to Store Coffee Beans

How to Store Coffee Beans

Top 5 Tips on How to Store Coffee Beans

Don’t Stock Up! Purchase Smaller Amounts More Often

Yes it will be a little bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Coffee beans do go stale. Nobody wants to wake up to a stale cup of joe….or a stranger named Joe for that matter.

Store Beans In An Airtight Container

Purchase a dedicated airtight container for your whole coffee beans. Don’t weed through your kitchen cabinets to see what Tupperware is free. You don’t want any odors or weird taste leeching into your beans. As for keeping it in the bag it came in? Maybe. If the bag is dark and has a resealable feature at the opening you’re all set. Those “fold over” tabs on Starbucks bags? No go. There are two options to consider: Stainless Steel if you’re storing your beans in a bright spot or an airtight glass jar if you can store the jar in a dark place.

Store Coffee Beans in A Dark, Cool Place

Just say no to the refrigerator or kitchen counter. Place your coffee bean container in a cupboard, away from any location that may have condensation (say, next to a dishwasher).

Purchase Whole Coffee Beans 

Whole coffee beans stay fresh longer, so purchase whole beans if possible and pass up the grinders located at the front of grocery stores. Don’t have a grinder at home? They are fairly inexpensive and make a huge difference to the final taste of your cup of joe. Oxidizing ground beans = bad. Whole beans with slower oxidation = good.

Use Coffee Beans Within Two Weeks

With the exception of croutons, nothing is good stale, including coffee beans. Keep them stored too long and the final product will suffer. Roasters recommend consuming your beans within two weeks of the roast date.

Of course this Top 5 List of How to Store Coffee Beans is a moot point if you drink coffee like water. Guilty as charged here at

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