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Sous Vide Accessories

Sous vide is incredible, but you do need the right accessories. Here are a some must-have accessories that will help you get the most out of this essential kitchen appliance.

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Sous Vide Containers and Lids

I prefer clear plastic for my sous vide to easily see what’s going on with the food; while you can use a container you already own…these just make things so much easier.

A heat-resistant lid is needed for reducing evaporation and maintaining the temperature for long cooks. Of course, plastic wrap, foil, and sous vide cooking balls can be also be used as lids.

Vacuum Sealers

You don’t always have to vacuum seal food for sous vide cooking (you can use the water displacement method with Ziplock bags). But again, it makes things easier and often cleaner. Vacuum sealing food before freezing is also the best way to keep it fresh from a taste standpoint.