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What To Serve With Tacos (30 Ideas+)

What To Serve With Tacos (30 Ideas+)

Taco Side Dishes

Wondering what to serve with tacos or other Mexican Recipes? From Carne Asada Recipes to Birria Recipes we have the best Cinco de Mayo menu ideas.

Before we get to the best side dishes for tacos, let’s re-cap our favorite taco recipes!  


Before you answer the “What To Serve With Tacos” question, you must pick your taco recipe first! Might we suggest the carne asada tacos.

Carne Asada Tacos (with Carne Asada Seasoning)
Street Tacos
Pollo Asado
Tacos al Carbon
Birria Tacos
Steak Picado

3 steak picado tacos on a white plate with topping options.

Sides For Taco Night

Elevate your taco game with these delicious taco side dishes! When making taco side dishes experiment with new flavors and combinations to keep your taco nights exciting. 


To make it easy to see what to serve with tacos, we grouped the list down by categories. 

Without further ado, here are our favorite side dishes!

Sides To Go With Tacos

What’s Cinco de Mayo without tons of grub? Before you tackle your tacos, open with one of these appetizers.

4-Ingredient Guacamole
Only 4 ingredients stand between you and a bowl full of the good stuff.
Clean bowl full of 4 ingredient guacamole. 3 empty small clear bowls and lime slices are next to the guacamole.
Air Fryer Tortilla Chips
Air Fryer Tortilla Chips, made with only 3 ingredients, are ready to grub down in 10 minutes!
Air Fryer Tortilla Chips on a wooden plate next to a small white bowl of salsa.
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
Grab a bag of Tortilla Chips and dig into this Mexican Shrimp Cocktail! Make it spicy and bold or keep it mild. 
Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
Smoked Queso
This smoked queso recipe is a jacked up version of basic queso. This baby is loaded with Velveeta, cheddar, Rotel, meat and jalapeños.
Ingredients to make smoked queso in a foil pan.
Frijoles Charra
Frijoles Charra, a.k.a. Charro Beans, is loaded with pinto beans, bacon, tomatoes, and spice and is ready in under an hour.
Frijoles Charra in a small bowl.
Caldo de Queso
Caldo de Queso is a flavorful Mexican soup loaded with potatoes, queso fresco, and healthy vegetables. 
Overhead shot of Caldo de Queso in a white bowl with a slice of lime next to it.


From mild to hot, we have a salsa recipe for everyone. Tip – serve a few different salsa flavors as taco side dishes.

Restaurant Style Salsa
This is a classic, restaurant-style recipe. It's as mild or as hot as you want it to be.
Salsa - Mexican cuisine - homemade
Pico de Gallo
This 5-ingredient Pico de Gallo recipe is loaded with tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro and lime juice.
Pico de Gallo in a white bowl surrounded by the individual ingredients.
Mango Pico de Gallo
This mango pico de gallo recipe is loaded with tropical mangos, red onions, jalapeños, cilantro and lime juice to make a perfect tropical salsa. 
Wooden bowl with diced mango, jalapenos, onions and lime slices inside. A sprig of cilantro is off to the side.
Smoked Salsa
Smoked salsa takes all your favorite salsa ingredients (fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, onion and garlic) and kicks them up 10 notches. 
White bowl of Smoked Salsa with Tortilla Chips.
Mango Habanero Sauce
Mix it up by topping your taco with spicy and fruity Mango Habanero Sauce. This Mango Habanero Hot Sauce requires just 7 ingredients, a blender and 30 minutes!
Mango Habanero Sauce in a glass jar.


Nothing beats Happy Hour on a Taco Tuesday! A cocktail makes a great side dish for tacos.

The Perfect Michelada
Just say no to Clamato and mix it up with an authentic Michelada. This bad boy is loaded with beer, lime juice and hot sauce.
MIchelada Recipe
Mexican Candy Shot
This shot is sweet and slightly spicy and ready to shoot in just 2 minutes! 
Mexican Candy Shot recipe
Mango Michelada
A fruity twist on a traditional. This Mango Michelada recipe is made with only 3 ingredients
Two glass tumblers filled with micheladas. Each glass is garnished with french mango chunks.
Mexican Mule
Tequila is swapped in for vodka to create a bubbly, spicy and vibrant Mexican Mule flavor!
3 moscow mules in copper cups with lime and jalapeno.
Corona Sunrise
Make a Corona sunrise this Cinco de Mayo, or summer, for an easy and refreshing drink recipe! This Corona sunrise recipe needs only Corona, Tequila, Orange Juice, Grenadine and Lime Juice.
3 Corona Sunset drinks next to oranges and lime.
Classic Margarita
A classic lime margarita to pair with your classic Mexican tacos. 
Margarita Mix and Classic Margarita Recipe
2-Ingredient Beermosa
Pass on the mimosa and mix it up by making a 2-ingredient beermosa instead. Beer and orange juice combine to create an awesome cocktail.
A bottle of corona and two beermosas topped with strawberries.


Turn your meal into a “combo meal” by serving beans as a taco side dish.

Creamy Refried Bean Dip
This dynamic refried bean dip is loaded with creamy beans, toppings and tons of taco flavor!
Refried Bean dip in a white bowl surrounded by chips, a napkin and cilantro.
Instant Pot Refried Beans
This no-soak refried bean recipe leaves you with creamy refried beans in no time!
Instant Pot Refried Beans in a white bowl topped with cheese, jalapenos and cilanto.
Slow Cooker Refried Beans
Restaurant style refried beans you can make in the slow cooker. These beans have a ton of flavor with little effort. 
Refried beans - bowl
Instant Pot Pinto Beans
This no-soak pinto bean recipe leaves you with creamy refried beans in no time!
Three clear bowls of various uncooked beans with an instant pot in the background.
Smoked Baked Beans
This smoked beans recipe is loaded with Beans, BBQ and pineapple. Light up a match and get started.
smoked baked beans in an aluminum pan.

Pickled Vegetables

Punch up your taco plate with pickled vegetables!! All of these are “quick pickled” recipes, which means they’re ready in under 30 minutes.

Pickled Peppers
Use your favorite pepper to make spicy pickled peppers in less than 30 minutes.
Pickled Peppers
Pickled Banana Peppers
Want to add a flavor powerhouse without tons of spice? This pickled banana peppers recipe fits the bill.
Close up picture of Pickled sweet Peppers in a clear mason jar. The jar is surrounded by fresh banana peppers, a white napkin and a small wood cutting board.
Pickled Red Onions
4-ingredients and 10 minutes is all that's needed to make a batch of flavorful pickled red onions.
Pickled red Onions in a glass mason jar flanked by a bowl of cut red onions in a white bowl
Pickled Daikon
5 ingredients and 10 minutes is all you need to make Pickled Daikon! Add a little crunch to your taco.
Two mason jars with pickled daikon inside.


Also known as the “doesn’t quite fit in any What To Serve With Tacos category” category…..

Cilantro Lime Rice
This cilantro lime recipe can be made on the stove top or in a rice cooker in just 35 minutes. 
Cilantro lime rice in a white bowl.
Mexican Rice
This Mexican Rice recipe makes perfectly seasoned rice in just 30 minutes. 
Mexican rice in a white bowl with a wooden spoon.
Smoked Asparagus
Smoked asparagus is an easy taco night side dish to make while you’re grilling the main protein.
Smoked asparagus and lemon slices.
How To Make Flour Tortillas
Pass on the plastic tasting tortillas from the store and make your own with minimal ingredients.
Homemade flour tortillas with a side of salsa and vegetables
Sous Vide Corn On The Cob
The corn is sweet, intensely flavored and ready in only 30 minutes.
Two ears of corn on a white plate accompanied by cilantro and lime wedge.


In addition to the above side dishes, you can play around with taco toppings. Here are basic taco toppings to consider:

Hot Sauce
Sliced Avocado
Diced Onions
Sour Cream
Mexican Crema
Shredded Cheese
Shredded Lettuce
Fresh Lime Slices

Four birria tacos on parchment paper supporting what to serve with tacos guide.


Here are some proteins that would be amazing stuffed inside tortillas or next to your favorite taco side dishes. Almost any protein leftovers can be diced and thrown into side dishes for tacos:

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