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25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes

25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes

Bring the party to life with Halloween Jello Shot Recipes! Here’s 25 Jello Shot Recipes with a Halloween theme to make for your upcoming Halloween bash! From jello shots in a syringe to fireball jello shots, we have a Halloween Jello Shots theme for everyone.

variety of jello shots in fun colors.

How To Make Jello Shots

Each recipe for jello shots has its own set of instructions. There are two things to keep in mind, however for all of them:

  • All Halloween Jello shot recipes can be made without alcohol. Just replace the booze with extra water, juice or even soda.
  • All Halloween Jello shot recipes can be with your favorite spirit: vodka, tequila, gin, whiskey, etc. Just replace in equal parts.

Halloween Jello Shot Recipes

In no particular order, here are the best Halloween Jello Shot Recipes!

Jello Shots In a Syringe
Syringe Jello Shots elevate the eerie vibes of your spooky celebrations, providing the ultimate Halloween Jello Shots! With their vibrant, festive colors encased in ghostly plastic syringes, they bring the party to life!
Halloween Jello shot syringes in a large bowl.
Layered Halloween Jello Shots
Elevate the vibe of your bash with easy layered Halloween Jello shots. Mix and match Halloween-themed colors and flavors to entice all the guests to join in.
Halloween Jello Shots in small jello cups.
Fireball Jello Shots
Fireball Jello Shots have "Halloween" written all over them! These fun shots combine the heat of Fireball whiskey with the playful, wobbly texture and delightful flavor of Jello, crafting a festive and flavorful party favor.
Fireball Jello Shots topped with glitter and a cherry.
Strawberry Pop Rock Jello Shots
Add a little fun to any party and serve these Strawberry Pop Rock Jello Shots! Great flavor and an added fun popping crunch to enhance the texture!
IMG 0345 scaled 1 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Graveyard Jello Shots
Graveyard jello shots are the perfect Halloween themed jello shots! These spooky jello shots are great for your Halloween party!
graveyard jello shots cheers 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Ghost Jello Shots
These Ghost Jello Shots, made with green apple gelatin are perfect for Halloween parties, and can be prepared with or without alcohol.
green ghosts jello shots 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Scream Jello Shots
This Halloween, spook your guests with these Scream Jello Shots. The blood splatter topping is sure to give everyone a fright!
scream jello shots 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Pumpkin Shaped Jello Shots
These Halloween Jello Shots are a fun and festive pumpkin shaped treat! Peach and orange never tasted so good!
DSC 1127 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Vampire Kiss Jello Shots
Vampire Kiss Jello Shots are deliciously fun red and black jello shots. This Halloween jello shots recipe is made with Fireball Whisky and cherry jello for the perfect flavor combination. If you want to give
Vampires kiss jello shot topped with a cherry.
Bubbly Witches Brew Jello Shots
Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your jello shots! Serve guests these over the top Boba Bubbly Witches Brew Jello Shots! This is a favorite Halloween Jello Shot recipes!
Witches Brew Jello Shot.
Jeepers Creepers Jello Shots
These chocolate and rum Jeepers creepers jello shots make the perfect spooky addition to any Halloween get together.
Jeepers Creepers Jelly Shots.
Eyeball Jello Shots
Made with 4 ingredients, these Eyeball Jello Shots are perfect for any adult Halloween party. Your favorite red jello is mixed with vodka and topped with a gummy eyeball for a Halloween jello shot!
Eyeball Jello Shots
Frankenstein Jello Shots
How cute are these jello shots? No plastic cups needed to make these Frankenstein Jello Shots. These would be great, sans alcohol, for the kids Halloween party!
Frankestein jello shots on a white serving tray.
Glow in the Dark Jello Shots
Glow in the Dark Jello Shots Recipe. This Glow in the Dark jello shots recipe is a really cool addition to any party! Easy to make, these are a lot of fun to look at, and mighty tasty to boot. If you are wondering how to make glow in the dark jello shots, this recipe is for you.
glow in the dark jello shot.
Black Magic Jello Shots
Black Magic Jello Shots are a fun Halloween recipe that is spooky and unique! Serve up these tasty jello shots at your next party for a cool, magical treat. Made with Vanilla Vodka, raspberry liqueur
Black Magic Jello Shots in plastic cups.
Haunted Pumpkin Patch Jello Shot
Cocktails These Haunted Pumpkin Patch Jello Shot is perfect for throwing spooky Halloween parties for you and your friends!
Pumpkin patch jello shots.
Hocus Pocus Jell-O Shots
Putting a spell on you, these Hocus Pocus Jell-O Shots are super easy, flavorful and fun for all your adult Halloween gatherings!
Hocus Pocus Jell-O Shots
Glow in the Dark Eyeball Jello Shots
Made with just a few ingredients, these spooky Glow in the Dark Eyeball Jello Shots are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party.
eyeball glow in dark jello shots 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Skull Jello Shots
Three-dimensional skull vodka jello shots are the perfect Halloween jello shots! You can make them in any color or flavor too. Follow the jello shot
Skull Jello Shots
Candy Corn Jello Shots
Colorful layered Candy Corn Jello Shots with Vodka are sure to be a hit! You’ll love the fun and fruity flavors, festive presentation, and refreshing hit of vodka!
Candy Corn Jello Shots.
Halloween Candy Corn Jello Shots
Candy Corn Shaped Jello Shots! Instead of buying plastic cups, these candy corn jello shots are cut into triangles. A great vodka shot recipe layered with white, orange, and yellow like the popular candy.
Candy Corn Jello Shots.
Rotten Apple Halloween Jello Shots
These spooky Rotten Apple Halloween Jello Shots are great for a Halloween party! Made with green Jello and caramel flavors with gummy worms.
Rotten Apple Jello Shots.
Ectoplasm Jello Shots
Syringe vodka jello shots recipe! Halloween jello shots are always a lot of fun to make and these syringe cocktail shooters also taste good with a citrusy flavour and creamy texture.
ectoplasm syringe vodka jello shots 0999 25 Halloween Jello Shot Recipes
Beetlejuice Halloween Jello Shots
It’s showtime!! These creepy Beetlejuice Jello Shots are black and white striped just like the famous ghost, yet taste fruity and delicious! This is on our “The Best Halloween Jello Shot Recipes” list.
Beetlejuice Jello Shots.
Caramel Apple Jello Shots
A grown-up version of the caramel apple candy treat, these caramel apple jello shots are made with tangy sour apple jello and topped with creamy caramel. They’re perfect for fall!
Caramel Apple Jello Shots.

Have a fun idea for Halloween Jello Shot Recipes, leave a comment below.