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Spicy Tuna (10 Minute Meal!)

Spicy Tuna (10 Minute Meal!)

Flavorful Spicy Tuna loaded with all the Asian flavors you love. Fresh Bigeye or Ahi Tuna is tossed with Sriracha, chives and sesame oil then topped with sesame seeds and spicy mayo for an added kick of heat.

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Chunk of ahi being picked up by chopsticks.

Spicy Ahi

Ahi tuna recipes makes for a healthy and light appetizer or lunch. Serve diced tuna over sushi rice (sushi rice instant pot) to make it a full hearty meal or crackers for an “easy to eat” party appetizer.

You can also use this spicy tuna salad as the filler when making a Spicy Tuna Roll, Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna or a Spicy Tuna Hand Roll. Recipes for all three will come soon!

Ingredients to make ahi recipe.


Most ingredients are probably already in your pantry, with the exception of a a few. View the recipe card below for the full list of ingredients.

  • High-quality Raw Tuna (Ahi Tuna or Bigeye Tuna)
  • Sriracha Sauce (or Chili Sauce)
  • Toasted Sesame Oil 

Overheard shot of an ahi tuna poke bowl, including tuna, avocado, carrots and rice. Chop sticks and a white napkin are next to the bowl.

Ahi Tuna Salad

Make it a spicy tuna bowl by mix and matching any of the below ingredients to really customize the dish. Our spicy cucumber salad or this Spicy Garlic Edamame recipe would pair well with this seafood dish.

Diced tuna covered in spicy mayo.

Sushi Sauces

This tuna recipe can stand on its own, no extra sauce needed. However, if you’re looking for an extra layer of flavor, drizzle it with one of these sushi sauces.  

How To Make Spicy Tuna

This recipe will be ready to grub down on in just 10 minutes as there are just 3 short steps: Dice the fish, fold in the sauce and top with sesame seeds and spicy mayo.

Side by side photos showing unmixed and mixed diced seafood.

Expert Tips

  • Place the tuna in the freezer for 10 minutes to make it easier to dice.
  • Slice the tuna across the grain using a single swipe of a sharp knife vs a back and forth saw-type motion. Wipe and wet the knife in between cuts to keep the fish from sticking. Each slice should be about 1/8″- 1/4″. Here’s the sushi knife we use when cutting fish.
  • Serve immediately after mixing, for best flavor and texture. If serving for a party, prep the fish in one bowl and the marinade in another. Toss right before serving.
  • High quality. High quality. High quality. Use fresh ingredients of the highest quality you can swing. (Must be labeled “sushi or sashimi grade tuna”)
  • Check out your local Asian market as they tend to have sushi grade ahi tuna. Frozen sushi grade tuna would also work if you can’t find fresh.
  • Raw tuna is best consumed the same day as purchased, however, it will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. The flavor will become more “fishy” the longer you wait.

Raw Fish

If you’re new to buying and handling raw fish, check out our FAQ’s on raw fish.

Raw fish isn’t recommended for pregnant women, the elderly or immunocompromised individuals. We aren’t food safety experts, so consult an expert or your doctor with any questions.

Plate of raw fish with a side of sushi sauce.

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Drink Pairings

Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Champagne, Citrus IPA or Sake. 

For more pairing tips, check out our Best Wine With Sushi

Spicy Tuna Recipe

Spicy tuna on a white plate with chopsticks.

Spicy Tuna

Flavorful Spicy Tuna loaded with all the Asian flavors you love. Freshly diced tuna is tossed with Sriracha, green onions and sesame oil then topped with sesame seeds and spicy mayo for an added kick of heat.
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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Course: Appetizer, Lunch
Cuisine: Japanese
Keyword: Ahi Tuna, Raw fish recipes, Tuna Recipes
Servings: 2 Serving
Calories: 327kcal
Author: Darcey Olson
Cost: $15.00


  • 8 oz Sashimi Grade Tuna (*Note 1)
  • ¼ cup Thinly Sliced Chives (*Note 2)
  • 3-4 tbsp Sriracha Sauce (*Note 3)
  • 1 tsp Toasted Sesame Oil
  • ½ tsp Rice Vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp Toasted Sesame Seeds
  • ¼ tsp OPTIONAL: Finely Grated Ginger


  • 2 Tbsp Sriracha Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp Japanese Mayo (*Note 4)


  • Pat the tuna dry with a paper towel and dice into 1/4-1/2" cubes.
  • In a medium size bowl, add the diced tuna and fold in the chives, Sriracha, sesame oil, and rice vinegar until well combined. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.
  • Transfer to servings bowls and top with sesame seeds and a drizzle of spicy mayo. Serve immediately for best texture and flavor.


Note 1- The best way to find sushi grade fish is to ask a good quality fishmonger-- they can tell you which fish is safe to eat raw and which is not. Make sure to only use sushi-grade fish in this recipe. 
Note 2- Sub in 5 stalks of diced green onions if that's what you have on hand.
Note 3- Start with 3 tbsp and increase to 4 if you like it extra spicy.
Note 4 - Sub in regular mayonnaise if you don't have any Japanese mayo.


Calories: 327kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 28g | Fat: 22g | Saturated Fat: 4g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 11g | Monounsaturated Fat: 6g | Trans Fat: 0.03g | Cholesterol: 49mg | Sodium: 993mg | Potassium: 388mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin A: 2756IU | Vitamin C: 27mg | Calcium: 95mg | Iron: 3mg
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