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Temperature Chart For Prime Rib (Free Printable)

Temperature Chart For Prime Rib (Free Printable)

It’s been 9 years since we posted our famous 5-Star Rated Prime Rib Recipe! Since then, 100’s of recipes have come on-line, but readers keep making ours year after year. Head over and read the reader reviews to see why.

Every year we post new tips to ensure your holiday meal comes out exactly as you intended. Let our new free Temperature Chart For Prime Rib printable (or Beef Temperature Chart) help guide you!

Whether you’re making our Oven Roasted Prime Rib Recipe, Smoked Prime Rib or Sous Vide Prime Rib, this prime rib temp chart can be referenced. 

All things prime rib related can be found on our Prime Rib Headquarters Page! Bookmark it so you have it ready to go when you need it!

Cooked Prime Rib Recipe on cutting board

Prime Rib Internal Temp

Here are the cooking temperatures to go by when making a standing rib roast. The temperature is the same whether you’re making a bone-in or boneless roast.

  • Rare Prime Rib: 120-129°F, Bright red center, lukewarm.
  • Medium Rare: 130-134°F, Bright red center, pink edges, warm.
  • Medium: 135-144°F, Pink and warm throughout.
  • Medium Well: 145-154°F, Slightly pink center and warm throughout.
  • Well Done: 155-164°F, Very little pink

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It’s imperative to utilize an instant read thermometer to measure the internal temperature as it cooks. It you haven’t purchased a meat thermometer, make sure to do so! Here’s our favorite brand: Thermaworks Dot.

Beef doneness levels with visuals.

Prime Rib Temperature

When making a beef roast, cook based on internal temperature vs. time. Your “pull/remove from the heat” temperature will be below the final temperature you’re aiming to serve the meat at.

The roast will increase in temperature the longer it rests, so you’ll want to adjust your “pull time” accordingly. Here’s a guideline to reference:

  • Resting 10-15 minutes – The pull temp will be 5-7°F below the final temp you’re aiming for.
  • Resting 20-25 minutes – The pull temp will be 20°F below the final temp you’re aiming for.

Plan out your cooking schedule to ensure you have ample time to cook your roast to your preferred doneness. 

Temperature For Prime Rib Medium Rare

The most popular temp is medium rare. Medium rare is how it’s usually served in restaurants, unless you specifically ask for it to be cooked at another temp.

At this temp, the roast has a bright red center, pink edges and is warm throughout. It’s like biting into butter at this temp. 

Cooking Prime Rib

Here are a few more helpful links to guidelines to help you successfully cook this big cut of meat!

Raw prime rib on a black cutting board surrouned by garlic, black pepper salt and rosemary.

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Prime Rib Cooking Chart

Make sure to download the free Temperature Chart For Prime Rib printable we created for you to make the holiday’s less stressful! 

Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you may have! We’re here to help!

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